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Vernon and Helena Jarman wedding photo

Vernon and Helena Jarman (seated) at their wedding,
with Elmer and Martha Hackelberg

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English: It is however of pre-9th century Old French origin, and has two possible interpretations. Firstly, it may be an ethnic name derived from the term "germain," itself from the Roman (Latin) word "germanus." As such the name was sometimes used to denote a man from Germany, but was also used in the case of a person who had trade or other connections with the country. The ultimate origin of the Latin tribal name "Germanus" is obscure, but it is thought to mean the "spear-men," with "geri, gari," meaning spear, as the first element. The second possible derivation for the surname is from the Old French and later medieval English given name "Germa(i)n," which itself derives partly from the tribal name as before, and partly from the Latin and Old French "germa(i)n," meaning "full brother, cousin." This is originally from the Latin "germen," literally a bud or shoot, and used to mean "of the same stock."

Source: Name Origin Research, © 1980-2017, The Internet Surname Database


German: from Middle High German wëster 'westerly', hence a topographic name for someone who lived to the west of a settlement, or a regional name for one who had migrated from further west.
Swedish: ornamental name composed of the elements väster 'western' + holm 'islet,' 'small island.'

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names, © 2013, Oxford University Press

Captain Myles Standish

Captain Myles Standish was 8th great-grandfather to Vernon Jarman.

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